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Fire Policy and Guidance for Apartment Buildings

This blog post is a simple online summary of information provided in each properties manual, and a copy of the latest policy documents.

Fire Policy Report 2024

Fire Policy 360 1076 stockport Rd
Download PDF • 218KB

Fire Evacuation Policy 2024

Fire Evac Policy 360 2024
Download PDF • 418KB

Fire Risk Ratings - The fire Risk Rating for our apartment buildings is Moderate.

This is based on the assessments of the premises and fire protection methods installed.

Likelyhood of Fire Starting

  • Normal fire hazards (e.g. potential ignition sources) for this type of occupancy, with fire hazards generally subject to appropriate controls.

Consequences For Life Safety In The Event Of A Fire

  • medium. Outbreak of fire could foreseeably result in injury (including serious injury) of one or more occupants, but it is unlikely to involve multiple fatalities.

#1 - Fire Safety Guidance

Back to basics for a Fire to start it requires – fuel, oxygen, and heat.


The top causes of household fires are:

  1. Cooking. The number one cause of house fires is unattended cooking.

  2. Heating Equipment – flammable materials covering heaters (or hair straighteners on a carpet) where the combustion temperature is lower than the heat given off.

  3. Overloaded sockets / Faulty Wiring / bad connections – causing heat which then combusts itself or another nearby flammable object.

  4. Smoking / candles - setting off nearby flammable object. Flammable object examples are paper, curtains, beauty products, nail varnish remover, cooking oil etc

  5. Electrical appliances and equipment – check them for damage and malfunction or have them checked by a competent electrician.

Ultimately keep your space tidy, be careful and consider your actions.

#2 - If you find a fire

You witness the start of a fire 

  • For example, in the kitchen. Be sensible, don’t panic and if safe to do so attempt to smoother the fire with the Fire blankets provided in the kitchen. Turn off the heat source whenever possible. 

  • Starving the fire of oxygen and killing the action. It should then go out.

  • If this fails, call the Fire Brigade, and follow their instructions - Call 999

  • If unable to reach the fire brigade, calmy leave the flat, close the fire door behind you and evacuate the building.

  • Continue calling the Fire Brigade, and follow their instructions - Call 999

Remain calm and as appropriate follow the fire service mantra - get out, stay out and call out the fire service - call 999

Alert your building manager when it is safe to do so.

#3 - If the building Fire Alarm Sounds

Building Fire Alarm Sounds;

  • Calmy stop what your doing, shut down any action or cooking which may cause further risk.

  • Leave the building via the exit route, closing all doors behind you.

  • Assemble outside at a safe distance from the property.

  • Call the Fire Brigade 999. Follow their instructions.

  • Exit route blocked – return to your flat and go to the furthest window and alert the fire services.

When safe to do so alert the Property Management contact. Along with any people you live with who are not presently affected.

#4 - Emergency Exit Route

The evacuation route from your building is via the same common stairway and entrance hall you access the building, to your flat.

This route is to be always kept free from any items. Resident are not to block the path, store items or jam open any designated Fire Doors. The front doors of each flat are a fire door, along with any doors in the communal corridors.

The final exit door is secured by thumb turn locks easily operable from the inside.

There will be emergency lights and signs along the exit route. If at any time there is a power failure to the building or a local lighting failure, these will illuminate.

#5 - Test Your Smoke Alarms Monthly

We strongly advise that you test the smoke detectors in your individual flats monthly.

Simply press the marked button for 5- 10 seconds. The detectors will bleep. Press it again to clear down.

Where your ceiling is high there is an extension pole provided to push the button. Be gentle, similar pressure to pressing the button on a keyboard.

If they fail to operate or getting regular bleep (battery issue) then report it immediately.

Stay Safe and Report any Repairs

Our buildings are maintenained and checked regularly and as long as we are all sensible the risk of a fire is very small. If you notice any damage then please do report it immediately.

Be careful with your actions in kitchen and only use well maintained appliances and we will all be safe. Thanks for reading.

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