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The Steps To Success



This course solves the problem facing new investors of what to do and how to get over the many hurdles of investing.

Here we coach investors through to the purchase of their next property and

help them to create their own blueprint to using property investing to achieve financial freedom and fund their Dream Life.

This is a limited availability course that we offer to payback our own experience while continuing to work on our own business interests.


The course foundation is defining their investment goal (creating a Dream Life) and creating a personal investment strategy so that you know what type and which properties to purchase to reach your goal. 

The course comprises 7 core modules taught through a series of short videos, offline exercises and one-to-one coaching to lead you from defining your Dream Life to purchasing your next investment property. 


The focus is on giving you the confidence to take the steps forward in rapid succession and start to realise your Dream Life is attainable.

Course Content:

  • Define your Dream lifestyle using visual and written tools

  • Define how you want your life to be on a day to year basis

  • Estimate what it will cost to live your Dream Life

  • Assessing living costs and define available investment funds

  • Create a personal investment strategy

  • Learn tools and metric to assess investment property viability

  • Define the type and location of properties to invest

  • Estimate of quantity of properties required

  • Timescale vs. investment plan

  • Agree purchase and management vehicle

On completing this course you will have:

  • Clarity on how your Dream Life would operate

  • Clarity on income required to live your Dream Life

  • Optimised your income and investment savings

  • Purchased your next property

Content delivered: 

  • 7 learning modules via streamed videos through YouTube private links

  • PDF booklet of the content

  • Download link to video modules

  • Streamed video tutorials on completing the exercises

  • Spreadsheet exercise forms

  • 3hr session video call via zoom / WhatsApp to define Dream Life and Strategy

  • One to One monthly coaching call up to point of purchase completion

  • Weekly direct actionable steps to purchasing your next property investment - with accountability check-ups

  • WhatsApp-led adhoc support during purchase cycle

All designed to ensure you have the confidence to find and purchase suitable properties that will lead you to living your Dream Life.

Take the next step towards your Dream Life and Get in touch via the button below

Course Cost: £2999

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