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Defining Your Goals


Course Content:

Want to test the water and see how we perform or if this is for you? Then try our introduction course – Finding the Dream. 


This short self-learning course utilises visual and mathematical tools to define your Dream Life and what it would cost to live that life. 


The course fee includes a Power Hour video call coaching session to review the results of the course.

This is a great option if you already have reasonable cashflow, yet feel uninspired or have a lack of clarity on your goals.


Equally if property investment doesn’t excite you but you want to reach financial freedom, this course will give you the tools to set your lifestyle goal no matter how you choose to invest.

  • Define your Dream lifestyle using visual and written tools
      • Define how you want your life to be on a day to year basis

  • Estimate what it will cost to live your Dream Life

  • Review your current income
      • Review spending habits
      • Assessing living costs and define available investment funds

  • Estimate how many rental properties required to fund your Dream Life

  • Power Hour - one on one hour video call coach session to review your results and options forward


Content delivered: 

  • 3 learning modules via streamed videos through YouTube private links

  • PDF booklet of the content

  • Streamed video tutorials on completing the exercises

  • Spreadsheet exercise forms

  • One hour video call via zoom / WhatsApp

On completing this course you will have:

  • Clarity on how your Dream Life would operate

  • Clarity on income required to live your Dream Life

  • Tools to appraise your living costs and how to reduce them

  • Understand how property investment could fund that Dream Life

  • Discuss the gap between current way of life and your Dream Life

  • Understanding of options to progress towards your Dream Life

Course Cost: £99

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