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  • Do you want a proven way to become financially independent and retire early?

  • Are you feeling run down by the never ending 9-5 routine?


  • Has the lockdown homeworking reality given you a taste of a new life and ideas? 

The Dream Life coaching course series will show you how to define your Dream Life, what that will cost,

and develop a personal strategy to finance it through property investment. 

We will then mentor you to complete your first, or next, property purchase and if required,

we can even help you to restructure your current portfolio.

Join our Catching the Dream Coaching course below and take the next step to your future

Image by Randy Tarampi


Defining Your Goals


Want to test the water and see how we perform or if this is for you?

Then try our introduction course

Finding the Dream. 

This short self-learning course utilises visual and mathematical tools to define your Dream Life and what it would cost to live that life. 

The course fee includes a Power Hour video call coaching session to review the results of the course.

This is a great option if you already have reasonable cashflow, yet feel uninspired or have a lack of clarity on your goals.

Equally if property investment doesn’t excite you but you want to reach financial freedom, this course will give you the tools to set your lifestyle goal no matter how you choose to invest.


The Steps To Success



This is our main limited place course and designed to solve the problem of coaching investors to the purchase of their next property.


Set alongside defining their investment goal (creating a Dream Life) and creating a personal investment strategy so that you know what type and which properties to purchase to reach your goal. 

The course comprises 7 core modules taught through a series of short videos, offline exercises and one-to-one coaching to lead you from defining your Dream Life to purchasing your next investment property. 


The focus is on giving you the confidence to take the steps forward in rapid succession and start to realise your Dream Life is attainable.


Take the next step to your Dream Life by clicking below

Image by Wolf Zimmermann


Expert Guidance


A limited availability option for those that have completed the “Catching The Dream” course. 

Here we offer the opportunity to purchase six 1hour long mentoring sessions to support you through continuing your journey to your Dream Life. 

​Focusing on Guidance, Accountability, and Motivation to help you keep going through the challenges ahead.


Paying it forward

The charity we support is Go Beyond.

Go Beyond gives children and young people

a break that lasts a lifetime.

We will make a minimum 10% donation to Go Beyond

for every course booked with us.

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