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An Engineers Approach to Property Investing - Cuppa Property Podcast


Short post on a recent Podcast I (Anth of Three Six Zero Property Solutions) appeared talking about how best to approach Property Investing so that it delivers the lifestyle you desire. The podcast is approximately a 40min, read about 2 min.

What you will learn:

  • How I applied Engineering principles to create my dream lifestyle

  • Why I developed a property business

  • How to make big decisions easily

  • How we can all iterate for fulfilment

Podcast can be found on all major sites. The links here are for google

This episode


Cuppa Coffee is a property meetup group started by Tom Dylan (of Great Northern Property - Ace Name) in Manchester back in 2012, pre pandemic it was a weekly at Cuppa Coffee shop on Salford quays. It’s a super friendly group and with active and supportive investors and people involved in all aspects of the industry. The group has great WhatsApp message group too where we all share and help each other on this adventure. It’s also where I met my current mortgage broker, the excellent Redbrick Finance, who managed to save an apartment block deal for me that my previous broker was not able to handle.

You can find out more on the regular meetup page here

This is a 40 minute chat about how I believe using engineering principles to focus on lifestyle design will allow investors to easily make the big decisions correctly and achieve their dream lifestyle in an optimum fashion.

We are want to be someone or achive something. Yet without a clearly and logically critiquable goal you will never score. This is strategic thinking. Tactical thinking is do i invest in HMOs or Serviced Accomodation or other styles. You have to have the right strategy first to make the right decisions. The podcast talks about how to define that goal and continually review and update using the process sketched below

You can listen to the episode here on Google or Spotify

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