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Feel Good Kit - Overview

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

This is an overview of the Three Six Zero Property “Feel Good” kit, which provides concise guidance on the five pillars for a fullfilling life.

This is a tool we launched during the first phase of the Corvid 19 Pandemic and are now taking a fresh look to update to simplify the guidance. We rent to range of tenants, and believe that the current education system fails to provide the basics that people require to live in the modern world. So the aim here is to provide some concise guidance on actions to consistently take to lead a satisfied and fulfilling life. So no matter what your individual experience in life, you can pick up this toolkit and run with the ideas. Some of the information provided you may already do or know of, thats great, treat it as a recap, otherwise come with an openmind and see how you can learn from the steps. The last two years of the Corvid 19 pandemic have shown us that it is very easy to get caught up in daily life and not take time to reflect and look at how we want our world to operate. While it can often all seem chaotic and crazy, there is always a path to fun and fulfilment.

We hope this toolkit will assist in our helping tenants do so and create a great foundation to experiencing all that is amazing in our world.

Here is a video of Anth giving an initial overview of the kit. 2 minutes duration.



The foundation to this toolkit is the idea attaining the experiences you desire in your life starts with good proactive decisions taken consistently, which compound to good results. For a better outcome, you have to take better decisions and better actions. This toolkit aims to provide a basis for optimum actions.

The kit is broken out in to five pillars. It is then supported by several videos, some exercises and several best-selling books or other reference material. The books are available either in your property or if you are in an apartment block, fully owned by us, then in the communal entrance hall in a book shelf area.

Five Pillars to Feel Good

Get ready to explain everything! Start with a catchy introductory sentence or two to get the ball rolling, and then begin sharing your insights with your audience.

1. Financial Fitness

2. Body Fitness

3. Mind Fitness

4. Rest & Recuperation

5. Progression and Goals

The three books we currently recommended to read are:

1. Feel better in 5 by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

3. Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins

If all you do is implement even one principle from each of those books, then your life experiences will be enhanced beyond recognition.

How to Use the toolkit

Rather than attempt to take everything in at once, we suggest that you do a focus on each pillar for a month. Pick the one area that interests you the most initially and work with that. Read the books and guidance and think about what it means for you. Then see how you can integrate aspects into your life and managing your finances.

To begin with, we suggest allowing a couple of hours deep focus time to skim through these blog posts and consider each of the pillars suggested. Then focus on one area. Then gradually look to consider the other areas and what you can learn and apply from them while making it fun and fitting in with the rest of our hectic lives. It doesn’t have to be a massive change. Small things consistently applied can bring untold reward. This is the beauty of compounding results.

Our recommendation would be to at least ensure you have control of your finances, start a saving routine, and applying one or more of the exercises from Dr Chatterjee’s book.

Linking up with the concept of compounding, this is a great video to further explain the benefits of this great concept, often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Compound Action animation video.

Good luck

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