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Feel Good Kit - Part 4 - Rest and Recuperation

It’s very easy in our hectic modern world to be always running at full steam and juggling lots of activities. This undoubtedly makes for a super exciting life. Alongside that excitement, it is import that we make time for resting and recuperating. Scientific evidence is showing regardless of what we eat we our bodies only use a fixed amount of calories each day. Approximately, 2600 - 3000 for a male, and circa 2000 for a female. Our body then manages the processes of our body to use those calories. The brain typically uses around 400-500 calories. So if we don’t rest we don’t then have the energy to repair ourselves and grow. As we age, it seems the need for this changes.

This is referenced in the “Feel better in 5” book and is heavily linked with mind and body fitness. We wanted to single it out as a separate pillar to highlight its importance.

Tip #1 - Listen to this podcast on sleep

We recommend listening to this Podcast episode with Dr Matthew Walker on the importance of sleep.

Below is a short annimation on the importance of sleep.

Tip #2 - At least a couple of times a month have days where you do absolutely nothing. Modern life can be intense.

Tip #3 - Schedule down time and days off. Don’t just wait for that two week holiday.

Tip #4 - Prioritise regular restorative sleep – 7+ hours ideally. So you wake feeling fresh.

Tip #5 - Manage social media / online use. Taking regular time off constant use is a great concept.

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